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How to develop effective communication skills?

The right communication skills can access you with great personal and professional relationships. That is one dominant key to your many relationship issues. Not everyone is gifted with this ability but anyone can surely develop it with practice and awareness. Let us learn by looking at the different ways that can make our communication effective.


Listen attentively- Listening is one of the most important aspects of clear communication. When you give your undivided attention to someone you effortlessly develop the ability to respond. People tend to speak more to those people whom they find listening to them while they talk. It makes them heard and respected. Rather than thinking about your next line, make yourself completely available to the person you are communicating with.


Focus on non-verbal communication- A lot gets communicated with your body language. Having the right facial expressions and open body language can lead to positive communication. The listener should get the message that you are listening to him attentively. You should refrain from making too many hand gestures rather one should make eye contact and inculcate the habit of maintaining good posture.


Be Stress-Free- Mental well-being affects your ability to express clearly. One who is too much under emotional stress can’t communicate clearly. His words will lack clarity and his body language will be inappropriate. His verbal and non-verbal communication both suffer. With a hampered state of mind, there are chances that you misread or misunderstand the other person. So, to avoid conflict, it is essential to manage your emotions.


Practice Public Speaking - This can infuse the ability to articulate and express your thoughts and feelings in a better way. One can do this on his own or be part of such social groups that focus on public speaking. The more you will chance upon any opportunity to speak for a larger audience, the more you will improve your communication. It will not only help in improving speech but will make your body language easier and more settled.


Think before you speak- Develop awareness of your words and actions. Take time before putting out your feelings. Thinking and taking a pause do not harm. It only helps to modulate and discard inappropriate things that you might want to say. It also saves you from giving a harsh response if you are unhappy about something or being rude if you are disappointed. Taking a time to pause and reflect saves you from regret and conflicts.

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