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How to get Band 8 in Ielts speaking ?

Before you get to know the strategies, its important to know that on what basis speaking judged in IELTS ? Here are those parameters :

  1. Fluency: How much fluently you can speak without stammering.

  2. Pronunciation: The way you pronounce words as per British accent.

  3. Grammar: Whether you speak correctly or make silly grammar mistakes.

  4. Vocabulary: This is really an important task in deciding your bands. Synonyms and idioms well used, helps you get higher bands.


Total time: 11- 14 minutes

Part 1: Introduction

Examiner will ask you about personal details about-

where you live?

what you do?

what kind of accommodation you live in?

what are your likes and dislikes?

Part 2: Cue card

This section is very important to score at least Band 7 as your skills are judged majorly in this section.

Examiner will give you 1 minute to prepare your notes and 2 minutes to speak.

While you speak, your notes and questions, both will be in front of you.

Prepare your notes well. Here are some tips to make notes:

Follow WH-family

what about the topic?

why ?

where were you ?

when this happened/ when you came to know about it?

how it happened?

with whom were you?

how you feel about that ?

Template to speak :

-Thanks for giving me the chance to speak on this topic.

-There have been numerous times when...(fill the situation of mentioned topic or the object or place or person).

-This topic takes me back to the time when I was ( a child/ a teenager/ in college/ in school). I have (nostalgic feelings / vague memories/ strong memories) about it.

-Now narrate the incident following wh-family.

-Include conjunctions while speaking: Moreover, Not only this, To be honest, I must on.

-While you are trying to finish, say :

Finally, I would say that.....

Part 3: Discussion

Now the examiner will cross-question you on the part 2 topic by asking more related questions.

You will be asked questions based on society and your country.

Here 1 of the questions asked consists of future tense too and 1 tricky question too.

I hope this article was able to help you resolve your query.

For further assistance, het in touch with IELTS expert at EFA ENGLISH INSTITUTE.

Contact 7982042877; 9811938109

Nidhi Gaba

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