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How to score Band 9 Ielts academic writing task 1?

Ielts writing task 1 is a report or analysis writing for any given image such as:

  1. Line chart

  2. Bar graph

  3. Pie chart

  4. Table

  5. Process

  6. Map

  7. Diagram

This task is different form General writing task 1 in IELTS which is a letter.

The word limit of task 1 is minimum 150 words. This means you should write over 150 words. All words will be counted and all numbers count as 1 word.

Ielts writing task is 33% of the total bands in writing task of band 9. Therefore, ideally it is suggested to spend no more than 20 minutes on this task.

Important tips to remember to pen it down:


On ielts charts, you may find dates. According to the date, you may choose the tense:

For example:

NO Dates: present tense

Dates in the PAST: past tense

Dates in future: Future forms

Dates mentioning both past and future: Both future and past forms

* Do not write in passive voice until its a diagram or a process. Intending to write passive voice in any chart to score higher band is wrong approach.

* If you receive under the length?

Yes, there is a penalty if you write under length.

You will get a lower score for not writing enough.

Practice on Ielts official answer sheet to know the length you cover for the required words.

*Other factors that affect your score:


Memorised answers

Limited answer

* No upper limit: There is no upper limit to your length that is decided by Ielts.

-Nidhi Gaba

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