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spOKen english -


English is a global language and it has become important to be fluent in this language. This course offers an opportunity among students to speak this language without any hesitation. This includes correct pronunciation, good sentence structure, using different vocabulary and accurate intonation. There are three variables to learning this language:

  • VARIABLE ‘A’: This course is for the students who seek advanced training and are already well versed with this language. It is an advanced level of English.

  • VARIABLE ‘B’: This course is for intermediate users, who are able to speak English but lack in vocabulary usage. It offers insights to a level of English that can fulfill the needs at professional front too.

  • VARIABLE ‘C’: This course is for basic learners, who wish to speak English on daily basis in life without any professional requirement. One gets confident to speak this language with confidence and fluency. For instance – answering to somebody in English; Making phone calls or request too an English speaking person; making a purchase internationally where speaking English could be of great help.


"A good command over the language can unlock plenty of opportunities and experiences"

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